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Level is determined based on activity and league standing.

Anybody that regularly visits Op UGL on USWest can level up. Players can earn up to 50 additional interim levels by signing up and gaining points on the SCW ladder. When a new season begins, levels gained from the previous season will reset, but your base level will remain.

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The~BuN: scw ne1
LeGenD]HyDrA: here seb
LeGenD]HyDrA: watch this
UGL Discovered 17 new players in the past 24 hours
The~PoWeR: i got work in an hour
The~PoWeR: so lame
The~PoWeR: brb
LivE.SworD: im off to sleep BYE
The~PoWeR: i didnt even sleep
LeGenD]HyDrA: cya
The~PoWeR: tom u staying on?
The~PoWeR: ill be back in 20 gotta shower
LeGenD]HyDrA: yea ill still be here
The~BuN: tomy
LeGenD]HyDrA: yoo
ash.Silenceplz: someone play want to obs
ash.Silenceplz: good morning bun
The~BuN: newbport asked
The~BuN: brian to play u when he streamed
The~BuN: last night
LeGenD]HyDrA: yea
The~BuN: and he was like "play now?"
LeGenD]HyDrA: i know
The~BuN: lol
The~BuN: hes like rdy whenever u want to play him
islanti: hmm
The~BuN: but mayb korean map
LetsplaySC-: 2v2 any
Madera]Uchulu[: .here
UGL Here 1v1: The~PoWeR [B-]
LeGenD]HyDrA: play a couple joe ?
LeGenD]HyDrA: O.o?
Saik: hydra game?
Saik: power game?
UGL There have been 251 visitors here in the past 24 hours
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251 unique visitors in past 24 hours

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LevelNameTitleLast seen
581SaDiStiC)DiaBlO (SuperMago)peGuardianToday
581Resoud (FaINeR)crGuardian2 days ago
536Rage[gK] (WarriorAngel)usGuardian4 days ago
461Einen[VcK] (MightyElf)deLegend2 days ago
428[CKU]-FaNaTiC (Nilber)peLegend3 days ago
425GhostAmerica (GMAW)usLegend3 days ago
399Jeimmy[KaOz] (ArmaBlanca)peLegendToday
394-Os]StOnE[ (ArtOfStOnE)peLegendYesterday
379DyS- (DyS)usLegendYesterday
374LeGenD]EviL (EviL)peLegendYesterday
361Jr-Roy (Momo)deLegendToday
352LivE.SworD (SworD)usLegendToday
349Pro]MentoS.- (MentoS)roVeteran4 days ago
342RoKiN. (Fliperrson)mxVeteranYesterday
334[CKU]-Xzander (Xzander)peVeteran2021-Jun-14
327ELpatrondelbien (Emperador)peVeteran4 days ago
3250_wins (BattlePants)lvVeteranYesterday
323gG]EaZy- (Shawty)caVeteranYesterday
309LeGenD]eLySiuM (eLySiuM)peVeteranYesterday
309Tlme-Tk (arqedwinluc)peVeteranYesterday
299GanGstEr]D.U.P. (FaINeR)crVeteranYesterday
288-Os]LeLouCh[G] (ItzGonZaLoxX)peVeteranToday
287Zenakus (Lobo)peVeteranYesterday
283SaDiStiC)Andrea (JCC)peVeteranYesterday
281ReDoN.Sc (Nicko)clVeteran2021-May-30
266[JO]rAlly- (moomen)joVeteranYesterday
258ViperClass (Zhin)roVeteranYesterday
256LeGenD]NeaR- (Neko18)peVeteranYesterday
248SaDiStiC)Raw (ScTobi)peGrand Marshal4 days ago
247`SouL|aCe (aCe)deGrand Marshal2021-Jun-14
245-Os]LaTioS[ (ceroaporte)clGrand MarshalYesterday
241Persecutor (Elvaronrojo)peGrand Marshal2021-Jun-05
241sM.Zik (Zik)caGrand Marshal2021-Jun-01
239sM.DeeF (SebDeeF)caGrand Marshal2021-Jun-01
231DarK]Reciclador (ElReciclador)peGrand MarshalYesterday
229Gatuno (Elvaronrojo)peGrand MarshalYesterday
229FatFinger (Rudo)peGrand Marshal3 days ago
227LeGenD]SphyXz (ZetA)peGrand MarshalYesterday
225Hellloo (미소의테레사)krGrand Marshal3 days ago
223ElCulO- (FighTerGoD)peGrand Marshal2021-Jun-12
220-Os]LoKiTo[ (Anonimus)peGrand MarshalYesterday
219LeGenD]SveN (SveN)peGrand Marshal3 days ago
218Sky[sSo] (llllllllllll)peGrand MarshalYesterday
209INCA]YahuarHuak (neretva14067)peGrand MarshalToday
208-G.o~warrior. (Remast)peGrand MarshalToday
198ZoDi]a[K-SgTaRy (MazoLuminoso)peField MarshalYesterday
190JoHnYpOtTsMoKeR (JoHnY)deField MarshalYesterday
185Chaos[gK] (Chaos)pkField Marshal2021-Jun-04
183_LoKiTo_ (Anonimus)peField MarshalYesterday
183Xtre-Wicked (DoC)usField Marshal2021-Jun-03
182-Os]StimPaCk.[- (arqedwinluc)peField MarshalYesterday
181SaDiStiC)GeNouX (Genoux)peField Marshal2021-Jun-10
179NeO.eLeGaNtE (NeOeLeGaNtE)peMarshal2 days ago
175[CKU]-AisaaUPT (isaacrav)peMarshal2 days ago
174GanGstEr]Mesut (Özil)peMarshal2 days ago
174-Os]FreD-S[ (EduardoFredy)peMarshal2021-May-29
173zneeL- (Tonydrugs)peMarshalYesterday
173INCA]Wiracocha (Cellphone)peMarshal2 days ago
172Rudon (Rudo)peMarshal2021-May-29
171-Os]ReCiO[- (ReCiO)peMarshalYesterday
171LeGenD]ZetA (ZetA)peMarshal3 days ago
171eNleSs-4 (SZvInframous)usMarshal2021-Jun-15
168trieu (SwankyPants)auMarshalYesterday
167ezekiel. (Ezekiel)usMarshal2 days ago
166TealSilverSteal (Dano)dkMarshalYesterday
165PollitoMamifero (SipujaSekeja)peMarshal3 days ago
164SaDiStiC)BaX (VALHALLA)usMarshalToday
164VeNgEn(e (iSoLaTe)usMarshalYesterday
163Donkey_Punch (DaBigChinese)usMarshal2021-Jun-07
162Savior(Slayer) (Savior)caMarshal3 days ago
161Scan (유승곤)krMarshal2021-Jun-14
160MyStery[VcK] (klang)ruMarshal2021-Jun-12
159Oo.ZeALoT.oO (Zealot)caFleet Admiral3 days ago
156The~BuN (CoolBun)auFleet AdmiralToday
155ZGarloc (ZGarloc)peFleet Admiral4 days ago
153AiOrOS- (MazoLuminoso)peFleet Admiral2021-Jun-17
149L-Mx]aLeX (aLeX)mxFleet AdmiralYesterday
145ChOcLo_JhO(xXx) (MagiaTortuga)usFleet AdmiralToday
144Dr-OuijA (JayVer)peFleet AdmiralYesterday
143-Os]WHiTe-rA[ (MyNaMeiS)peFleet Admiral2 days ago
142iKon-iC (DoC)usFleet Admiral2 days ago
142ShOcK. (ALONE)peFleet Admiral2021-May-29
141Monkey_King (MonkeyxKing)usFleet AdmiralYesterday
139SaDiStiC)FaeR- (NkF)peAdmiralToday (alex92)caAdmiral2021-Jun-15
138L-Mx]zelith (OsoAgotado)mxAdmiral2021-Jun-16
137AyaC)FirstClass (llllllllllll)peAdmiral2 days ago
136DepreDatoR- (TrolOculto)mxAdmiralYesterday
135M4R1N3 (M4R1N3)mxAdmiralYesterday
135Human[gK] (mYsKulL)usAdmiral2021-May-30
133AiOria- (Jhojanccl)peAdmiral6 days ago
131Robotik (Robotik)deAdmiral2 days ago
130The~PantheR (iamPantheR)peAdmiral2 days ago
130thotiana (oppa)usAdmiral2 days ago
130Shaori (Shaori)peAdmiral2021-Jun-10
128ZoDi]a[k-GmlniS (GgomezAQP)peAdmiralYesterday
127L-Mx]SaIchn26 (SAICHN262000)mxAdmiralYesterday
127abrogratto18 (Abrogatto18)peAdmiral2021-Jun-16
126pGf]Will-Cha (Wildercha99)peAdmiral4 days ago
125The~PoWeR (RoNin)usAdmiralToday
125RippinAndTerran (J2digital)usAdmiralToday
124pGf]SaulGoodman (Wildercha99)peAdmiral2021-Jun-17
123GanGstEr]SeBa- (Sebastian123)clAdmiralYesterday
123ToreTo- (Toreto)peAdmiral2021-Jun-15
122NeO.BlacKDucK- (BlacKDucK)peAdmiral2 days ago
122LegitzBuzzyQc (Master)caAdmiral2021-Jun-17
120Sc.Joel- (FighTerGoD)peAdmiral2021-Jun-02
119Bradex (OsoTed)mxGeneral2 days ago
117Medic(Slayer) (FantaSy)usGeneralToday
117[CKU]-Slayer- (SLAYER)peGeneral5 days ago
114Z-laka-Z (laka)usGeneralYesterday
114WhiteAndBlack (행복스타)krGeneralYesterday
110[CKU]-GiNo (MyLoD)peGeneralToday
109LeGenD]4LoKo (Pibeee6)peGeneral2 days ago
107pGf][A]LalostoR (lalostormex)mxGeneral3 days ago
106GanGstEr]Rand0M (Stevenrandom)peGeneralToday
106Elriko-Rik(xXx) (Elriko)peGeneralYesterday
106{hh}ViCiOuS (ViCiOuS)caGeneral2 days ago
105DesPerTar.- (AxLSs)mxGeneralYesterday
105La.Parzival (Advocate)usGeneralYesterday
105DomainePonsot (Neko18)peGeneral2 days ago
105iMpacT.oFTrees (BranTaco)guGeneral2 days ago
105chachaching (GiantDwarf)usGeneral2021-Jun-02
105NoS[VcK] (NoS)usGeneral2021-May-29
104The~Face (fAcE)caGeneralYesterday
103L-Mx]MiMeTiC (MiMeTiC)mxGeneralYesterday
102The~HyDrA (HyDrA)usGeneral2021-Jun-17
100MoStRo[KaOz] (ArmaBlanca)peGeneral4 days ago

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